2015 AHA BLS / Heartsaver® Instructor Essentials Course DVD

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This DVD contains everything needed to conduct the hands-on, classroom-based portion of AHA's BLS Instructor Essentials course. 

  • Updated to reflect the 2015 AHA Guidelines, educational methodologies, and BLS and Heartsaver® courses.
  • This course must be completed by candidates who wish to become AHA BLS instructors. Also, all AHA faculty (Regional and Training Center) who conduct BLS Instructor courses must complete BLS Instructor Essentials Online (core and BLS modules) prior to conducting BLS Instructor training.
  • Once a student finishes the BLS Essentials Online course, #15-1420, this DVD contains the videos needed to conduct the hands-on, classroom-based portion of the course.
  • BLS instructors will need the Instructor Essentials Faculty Guide and Instructor Candidate Workbook, which are both are available on the AHA Instructor Network.
  • Course length is about 5 hours without breaks.
  • Includes:
    • BLS Instructor Essentials
      • Life Is Why™
      • HeartCode® BLS Demo
      • High Performance Team Activity
      • BLS Skills Scenarios
    • Heartsaver® Instructor Essentials
      • Life Is Why™
      • Heartsaver® Online Demo
      • Heartsaver® Skills Scenarios