ASHI Emergency Oxygen Blended Learning Course Materials (G2010 Version)

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The ASHI Emergency Oxygen (G2010) includes digital credits for the online course, along with student materials available in the following formats:

  • Digital Card & Digital Book (Set of 5)
  • Print Card & Digital Book (Set of 5) 
  • Print Card & Print Book (Set of 5)

IMPORTANT: Please note that only active ASHI training centers with currently certified ASHI instructors may order these materials. If you are not an active ASHI training center, give us a call at 877-530-5990 to learn how you can become one. Training Center 911 is required by HSI to verify that your training center is an active ASHI First Aid training center prior to shipping out these materials.


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Instructor Credentials Required:
Any Current ASHI Certified Instructor