Prestan Adult & Child Replacement Pads | 4 Pairs | Prestan Professional AED Trainer PLUS

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Pair of 4 Adult & Child Replacement AED Electrode Pads for the Prestan Professional AED Trainer & Prestan Professional AED Trainer PLUS

These single set Pads can be used to train in both Adult and Pediatric rescues which simulates the new generation of AEDs that can use a "child" button for pediatric rescues and the AEDs which use a child or pediatric "key" to reduce the output energy for pediatric rescues.

Additionally, these Prestan AED Trainer pads come with a built-in switch that allows the trainer to determine the pads are attached to the manikin.

The silicone-based adhesive and foam structure is designed to last over 100 times applications, providing easy application and removal, helping prolong the life of the manikin skin while not leaving any messy residue.