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Emergency Medical Response Deluxe Instructor's Kit, Rev 12/17

Emergency Medical Response Deluxe Instructor's Kit, Rev 12/17

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Available to Ship End of December 2017


Rev. 12/17

The Emergency Medical Response Deluxe Instructor's Kit contains the instructor's manual, DVD, student text and student workbook for the Emergency Medical Response program.  That's more than 50% OFF the list price if purchased separately.  The instructor's manual contains all the information necessary to conduct the Emergency Medical Response course.  The manual includes a course overview, outline and lesson plans, options for conveying content plus teaching strategies, participant progress logs and final written exams.  The student text is designed as the primary source of technical information for participants and instructors.  It includes key terms, learning objectives, critical facts and scenarios to test knowledge and decision-making skills.  It also features pediatric and geriatric considerations and step-by-step skill sheets.  The workbook reinforces key concept and skills taught in the Emergency Medical Response textbook.  Activities, case studies and self-assessments help participants build on material already learned and apply their knowledge to emergency situations.  The workbook is optional but encouraged as it helps students prepare for the exam.  The DVD is required for use during the Emergency Medical Response course, and includes studio-based skill segments to help ensure that lesson objectives are met.  All video segments include English subtitles. 


  • Emergency Medical Response Instructor's Manual
  • Emergency Medical Response Textbook
  • Emergency Medical Response Workbook
  • Emergency Medical Response DVD