HSI BLS | Digital Certification Card | 2020 (G20)

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This Set of 5 HSI BLS Digital Certification Cards include:

  • 1 digital Student Book (set of 5)
  • 1 digital Certification card (set of 5)

The HSI BLS (Basic Life Support) G20 Program Topics Include:

  • Sudden cardiac arrest
  • Basic life support assessment
  • Caring for respiratory arrest
  • Caring for cardiac arrest
  • Multiple provider approach for CPR
  • Choking

The HSI BLS (Basic Life Support) G20 Program reflects the newest 2020 Guidelines and provides all the required information and skills necessary to identify a life-threatening emergency like an airway obstruction or cardiac arrest and then deliver the life support needed.

The HSI BLS (Basic Life Support) Program is mainly intended for healthcare providers and professional responders when responding to cardiac arrest, choking and respiratory arrest.


Available also in Printed Format: