HSI CPR & AED | Print Certification Card | Sheet of 5 | 2020 (G20)

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Sheet of 5 2020 HSI CPR & AED Print Certification Cards (G20)

Each HSI CPR and AED Certification Card comes with its own unique user ID code allowing students easy access to the digital book. Directions can be found on the back of the certification card.
Reflects current 2020 G20 Guidelines. 
Only available to Approved HSI Training Centers / Instructors. Please provide your HSI Instructor Number.


The goal of the HSI CPR and AED training program is to help participants gain or improve knowledge and skill proficiency in CPR AED for adult, child, and infant.



Certification Period: 2 Years

Course Length: 1 ½ - 6 ½ Hours depending on the module

Student / Instructor Recommended Ratio

Student / Instructor Maximum Ratio 

Student / Equipment Recommended Ratio 

Student / Equipment Maximum Ratio