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Prestan Professional 4 Infant Manikins with carrying bag

Prestan Professional Infant Manikins - 4 Pack

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Full-body, infant manikins  to train students in CPR

These manikins allow students to gauge their own compression depth as they practice CPR. The unique clamshell design makes face shield/lung bags easy to insert.

  • Realistic feel with head tilt/chin lift, chest rise, and anatomical landmarks
  • Compression clicker
  • Disposable airways
  • Latex free
  • Dark-skinned or Medium-skinned manikin
  • Includes 50 face shield/lung bags and a carrying bag
  • Warranty: 3 years

The Prestan Professional Infant 4-Pack includes:

  • 4 Infant Manikin with OR without CPR Monitor
  • 50 Face-Shield/Lung Bags (20 adult, 20 infant, 10 child)
  • Blue Nylon Carrying Case

Available Manikin Skin Tones:

  • Medium 
  • Dark